Vaccination Attestation Needed.
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from congregants!
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Attest to Being Vaccinated

As we head toward the next phase of reopening, we are requiring all congregants to attest to being vaccinated against Covid 19, if they wish to attend in-person services.
This includes children and youth between the ages of 12-16 who can be vaccinated at this time.

This can be done by emailing our Executive Director, Gershon Levine and writing the names of all members of your household and their vaccination status. Use the link button below. We will be keeping a record of all responses.

Remember, being fully vaccinated means having had the shots and waiting two weeks after the final shot for the injections to take effect.

We are doing this as a way to ensure the health of our entire community, as state guidelines regarding masks and social gathering are now officially changed for those who are vaccinated, and we look forward to all being together in a healthy and safe manner.