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The TI Adult Education Committee Presents:
The Jewish Impact on American Comedy
in the 20th Century
Vaudeville’s Impact
What impact did the style of Vaudeville comedy have years after Vaudeville ended? Watch this short scene from Woody Allen’s “Sleeper”!
And check out his clip from Neil Simon’s “The Sunshine Boys”.
Our next two clips features the Marx Brothers from the movie "Night at the Opera".

As you watch the clips, think about the following:

Blatant Jewish imagery in Hollywood films stopped in the 1930's for the following reasons:

The movie industry was becoming highly successful, because most Americans needed "an escape" from the Depression era politics and atmosphere. The studio heads, who were all immigrant Jews, did not think Jewish stereotypes would play well in the American Heartland. Additionally, the Jewish immigrants who ran the Hollywood studios did not want to call attention to their own Jewishness, because there was an undercurrent of Antisemitism in American society. They wanted their businesses to succeed. And finally, with the rise of Hitler in Europe, the studio heads did not want to focus on Jews or Jewish issues, lest isolationist Americans think they were being pushed to fight Nazism.

That being said,what makes these clips "Jewish"?
Why do you think the Marx Brothers were so popular with American audiences of the 1930's and 1940's?

An Exception

Charlie Chaplain is credited with a major cinematic attack on Nazism with his movie "The Great Dictator". He was accused of being "a Jew" by anti-Semites. but he wasn't Jewish. However, there was one Jewish director, Ernst Lubitsch, who did take on the Nazis with his movie, "To Be or Not To Be". Click on the link below to watch the clip below. It is the only Hollywood clip of a Jewish actor, who is playing a Jewish actor, take on Hitler!
A Brief Cinema Talk On Wednesday @ 11:00am

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Stay Tuned! Rabbi Kanter, and Cantor Schudrich will be having upcoming virtual programming. And the next comedy class will be next Sunday morning.